UNU social media stats – August edition

Digital | 22 August 2013 |

UNU Twitter Statistics, August 2013 (PDF file)

First of all, a big thanks to Stephan for his efforts in getting UNU’s social media presence established and maintaining it over the past many months. The groundwork that he laid has made my work much easier.

It has been about three weeks since Stephan left UNU, and I took over the task of coordinating UNU’s Facebook and Twitter presence.

I think I’m finally getting the hang of it, though I have to admit that, until three weeks ago, I had never used Facebook or Twitter. That despite the fact that I’ve been a heavy Internet user for almost two decades (since soon after Japan’s first commercial ISP opened for business in autumn 1993), and was a regular on several Tokyo-area electronic Bulletin Board Systems for several years before that. (BBSes were the local —this was pre-Internet, remember; you had to dial in to the BBS directly — online social media sites of their day. Anyone else old enough/been in Tokyo long enough to remember TWICS, JANIS II, P&A, Nifty-Serve, the Tokyo PCUG BBS … ?) In a way, I guess I’m finally returning to my online roots.

But enough nostalgia. It has been six weeks since Stephan’s last “UNU social media stats” post here, so here’s a brief “monthly” update.

We passed two modest milestones in the first half of August: 5,000 Likes on Facebook and 12,000 Followers on Twitter. Those numbers, as of today, stand at 5,160 and 12,347, respectively.

Not impressive in the overall scheme of things, to be sure, but quite a jump (499% and 265%, respectively), from our statistics of a year ago: 861 Facebook Likes and 3,380 Twitter Followers in September 2012.

The Our World 2.0 social media stats, meanwhile, stand at 5,721 Facebook Likes and 6,350 Twitter Followers —up from 4,677 and 5,469, respectively, in September 2012. (The Japanese-language UNU Facebook page has 1,744 Likes and the Japanese UNU Twitter page has 275 Followers, while the Japanese Our World 2.0 Twitter site has just 48 Followers.)

In terms of geography, UNU Facebook fans are located in (top 10 countries) India, USA, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan, Egypt, Nigeria, Germany and Indonesia.

And below are some other UNU statistics, in graphical form.

‘Till next time.


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