UN 70th Anniversary Logo

Visual Identity

Usage guidelines and artwork for the UN 70th anniversary logo.

UN 70th Anniversary Logo
The United Nations 70th Anniversary Logo

The official logo for the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations has been created by the UN for use with UN70th anniversary activities and programmes.

Its use is encouraged for educational and public outreach projects advancing the goals laid down in the United Nations Charter, informing the public of the role of the United Nations in the modern world, and promoting informed global debate on concerns vital to the Organization in its seventieth year and the world to which it belongs.

Find linked below the usage guidelines and associated artwork (your UNU login and password is required to download). The artwork suite contains instances covering the six official UN languages, and is available in greyscale, black and white, and colour. JPG and PNG file formats are provided.

United Nations University is authorized to use the UN70 logo without prior written approval, but is subject to the Terms of Use set out in section IV of the guidelines. Please ensure any use complies with the Terms provided.

For clarification of specific guidelines, please contact:

Director, Outreach Division
United Nations Department of Public Information
New York, NY 10017  USA
email: un70@un.org

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UN 70th Anniversary Logo Suite and Guidelines (2.5MB)