Twitter is UNU most vibrant Social Media Network

Digital | 21 June 2013 |

UNU Social Media Stats from 07 June - 21 June 2013

Thanks everyone for the great work on setting up all UNU social media accounts also the Japanese ones on HootSuite, so that we now have the opportunity in one tool to manage, publish analyze and research our networks.

Facebook is still the “Diva” when it comes to its API compatibility with Hootsuite, as connections or mentions of other partners on Facebook are only possible via the Facebook interface but unfortunately not on HootSuite itself. Welcome on board as well the UNU Google + account, which has been around for a while. At the moment the network stats for UNU Google + account say: “Nothing interesting here” But already 399 people have the UNU in their circles and 11 accounts are spread over the five thematic clusters circles of UNU with plenty of room for more.

Twitter is again the most interesting network with an increase of almost 700 followers over the past two weeks – heading towards the 10.000 mark. The biggest activities can be witnessed on 12 June with the announcement of the merger of the two Japanese Institutes, followed by the MoU signature between the African Development Bank and UNU. The keyword comparison shows, that #food is the most mentioned on Twitter and we need to look closer to find #priorityafrica.

The largest reach on Facebook was the post about ‘Humanitarian Affairs, United Kingdom will host the 4th University Scholars Leadership Symposium in Manila, Philippines on August 1 to 7, 2013.’ This was a Facebook request from the organizer of this Symposium (a collaborative effort between UNOCHA and UNDESA) to disseminate it on the UNU Facebook page.

Thank you OurWorld for the very valuable shares along the pressing themes of food security, climate change and the amazing efforts of a large community on their conscious way to become CO2 free energy sufficient. Three posts on the OurWorld Facebook page exceeded the 1.000er reach. Top is “NASA Finds ‘Amazing’ Levels of Arctic Methane and CO2” followed by the “3D food printer might evoke visions of the “replicator” popularized in Star Trek” and the efforts of Seattle to become Carbon Neutral by 2050.

Also thanks to Eugene, our current intern at the video team, for the statistics on the UNU Youtube channel. In raw numbers we now have 2,905 subscribers ; 4,502,784 views in total and 153,604 views in the last 30 days reflecting in titles amongst the other videos the UNU’s established trio: “Plastic to Oil”, ‘The Forbidden forests of the Dayak, Borneo” and “Nature’s bounty and inheriting wisdom”

One last word is on the Japanese Facebook account. Reading several studies on social media, people are more likely to click on post with pictures and potentially like, comment, share or maybe even get encouraged to do good in the world. Dr. Malone and Dr. Sachs at TICAD V could be such a picture (thanks to UNIC) but the post got outranked by the Japanese OurWorld article on “Globalized agricultural trade and food security” with its infographic. Intersting to see Dr. Malone poses often with crossed arms, even beside the Secretary General.

Have a nice weekend, Schoenes Wochenende

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