The UNU Logo: Download

Visual Identity

Access to UNU logo artwork and descriptions of the data formats provided.

For introductory usage guidelines for the UNU logo artwork, visit UNU Logo Basics.

The UNU Logo Suite

Contained in the download is the complete UNU logo suite. The UNU logo suite comprises four colour versions: (1) 1-Colour Black, (2) 1-Colour White, (3) 2-Colour, and (4) 3-Colour.

UNU logo suite

Included File Formats

PNG Folder – PNG (Portable Networks Graphics) files included for standard user needs. These files work well in the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote) and most common business software applications. These files are not for professional printing instances (business cards, posters) or used to generate other graphics formats (such as PSD, GIF, etc.).

EPS Folder – EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) files are for projects requiring professional graphics support but are not supported by typical business computer software. Provide this artwork to graphic designers, printers or specialists for use with professional graphics software. EPS files are also used to generate graphics for particular needs (GIF files for website use for example).

TIF Folder – TIF (Tagged Image File) files are standard in professional printing and widely supported in both business and graphics applications. TIF files are an alternative to EPS files, for regular users who are developing products for professional printing. Including TIF files in a document significantly increases the file data size, and should be used when the PNG files limit the desired result.

Artwork Download

UNU Logo Suite (2.1MB) *

* A UNU network username and password is required for this and all other downloads on this online guide.