Soft Launch for the UNU Publications Repository

Digital | 22 December 2013 |

So we launched Collections@UNU this month. It was a soft launch, which means we did not have a fanfare and did not send around an email announcing it to all staff at the UNU. Instead, we wanted to get the site operational and test it. The good news is that it seems to be holding up well.

The whole team is really excited about the launch of the publications repository. The need to go in this direction became pretty clear when Sean Wood, who overseas web development at the UNU, was trying to somehow handle publications on the University website WordPress platform. He quickly realized that in the digital world, as elsewhere, you really have to think about “horses for courses.” The obvious solution being the adoption of a purpose-built publications repository.

The UNU has experimented in the past with DSpace from MIT so we were clearly going to take another good look at that system. I also came across the publications repository at ETH, and was very impressed. We tracked the developers down at the University of Queensland and this ultimately became the solution for the UNU.

We have been working hard to get this far and the challenge from hereon is to populate the repository and to make it the de facto location for researchers to access our work.  I really believe this is a game changing development for the UNU and it is great to have some momentum behind the project.

Finally, I think the whole team wants to express its appreciation to Will Argetsinger, who worked really hard to get this project off the ground. Will left the UNU this month, but he can go away knowing that Collections @ UNU could not have happened without his efforts. We are going to miss you.