Science Communication Course

Digital | 28 April 2014 |

The new science communication course provides an excellent opportunity for my colleagues in the UNU Office of Communication to share their extensive experience in effectively communicating complex scientific issues. The course began on 28 April and runs for 15 classes, ending on 20 June. Nine students from the UNU Masters in Sustainability and one from the International Christian University are enrolled.

Almost everyone from the Office of Communications is involved in one way or another. This includes lectures on how to make presentations, on science writing, on video production, on the effective use of social media and on website development.

As part of the course, the students have to complete a number of practical assignments including making a short speech, delivering a five minute Powerpoint presentation, carrying out a video interview and writing an article for the UNU’s Our World magazine.

Their overall response to the course has been very, very positive.

The successful implementation of the course has led the Office of Communications team to conclude that we can use the course materials as a basis for focused workshops designed to enhance the communication skills of UNU researchers. Perhaps we can run the first of these workshops in Fall 2014.

Luis directing an interview
Luis Patron from the UNU Office of Communications recording the student interviews.
Luis teaching a class
A class on documentary production.