Re-Launch of the Japanese Version of Our World

Digital | 27 March 2014 |

We successfully re-launched the Japanese version of Our World on 4 March after months of hard work behind the scenes. We particularly have to thank David Jimenez, Asako Hanayama and Aska Maki for the tremendous effort they made re-formatting all the articles (over 700!).

Also, the update would not have been possible without the programming work from Oleg Butuzov and server set-up from Conor McTernan. And last but not least, we have to thank Sean Wood for his vision, design and overall coordination of the project.

Since the launch of Our World in 2008, we have always tried to ensure that the Japanese version was an exact mirror of the English version. However, from now on, we anticipate the Japanese version having more of a life of its own.

For many Japanese, Our World is their first point of contact with UNU. Surveys in the past have shown that 48 percent of Our World readers live in Japan. This compares with 11 percent Japanese visitors to the UNU main website. As such, Our World has become one of the most important outreach opportunities that we have with our host country.

We are proud of this achievement and hope that the Japanese version will continue to attract a growing readership.