Getting Started

Visual Identity

Notes and guidelines on using the visual identity information and assets.

The visual identity information on this website has been created to provide UNU staff, partner organizations and supporting consultants with an always-available resource for developing communications collateral within the organization’s visual identity guidelines. Read below for information on how it is organized, how it may be used, and some restrictions.

Target Users

UNU Staff – All staff have an influence on the University’s visual appearance, and as such, should have access to guidelines and artwork. Basic aspects of developing visual materials is not difficult (adding a logo to a research poster or presentation), while advanced productions require specialized knowledge and tools, and often support from consultants (developing and printing an annual report). Guidelines for all staff are shown with Basic in the title. Guidelines for users developing advanced materials are shown with Advanced in the title, and written with an expectation that the user has some experience in the matter. Advanced guidelines are especially useful for UNU staff directing supporting consultants on related projects.

Partner Organizations – Information is available on using the UNU logo and UNU institute logos in a shared (co-organizing, supporting or sponsoring) capacity. The actual logo artwork is available for download via UNU staff only; contact the UNU staff project partner.

Supporting Consultants – Advanced guidelines, artwork and information have been developed to aid UNU staff and supporting consultants in getting started on advanced projects quickly and efficiently. Artwork downloads are available to UNU staff only; consultants should request relevant artwork from the UNU staff project partner.

Passwords and Information Security

A UNU Network username and password is required to download artwork from this website; the artwork data is protected by standard network security protocols. The username and password used to access the UNU Intranet will also provide access to the artwork contained on this website.

For UNU staff not automatically assigned a UNU Network username and password (staff of UNU-CRIS, UNU-MERIT, UNU-WIDER and the Iceland Programmes), visit the UNU Intranet Account Request page.

IMPORTANT: Usernames/Passwords should NEVER be shared with staff or outside parties.

Feedback Requested

Please do provide feedback. This will help in shaping the user experience for others using this website. Contact information available on the menu. Thank you!