“I am thankful for your activities.” – UNU social media stats

Digital | 9 July 2013 |

Twitter stats for OurWorld & unu.edu

According to his Facebook page Daud Owmohamed works at the Southwestern University in Cebu City, Philippines. On Sunday, he messaged us via Facebook simply writing “Hello to all UNU staff, I am thankful for your activities.”

This reminded us to say thank you to everyone following UNU directly on unu.edu, via RSS or on our social media channels. We strive to provide you with the best UNU news and latest updates from all UNU institutes.

Let’s look at some of our social media highlights over the last two weeks (from 21 June 2013 — 08 July 2013).  The post with the most reach on the UNU Facebook page shows our colleagues Katharina Brach (UNU-EHS) and Sueli Brodin (UNU-MERIT) in the joint UNU booth at the World Conference of Science Journalists in Helsinki (also supported by UNU-WIDER).

Our hearts these days are with the family and friends of Ryo Murakami, an exceptional cameraman, who filmed many documentaries for the UNU. The message of his sudden death deeply saddened the UNU community. Rest in peace, Ryo. “Nature’s bounty and inheriting wisdom“, the story of a biodiversity hotspot in Wayanad District of the South Indian state of Kerala, is one of Ryo’s films produced with the UNU. This film received a large number of hits on the UNU YouTube channel in the last two weeks.

Leading the top UNU Twitter clicks are the announcements to apply for the Resilience Academy in Dhaka and the event “Learning to Compete: Industrial Development and Policy in Africa” organized with the Brookings Institute and the African Development Bank Group.


The UN News Center story “Rapid urbanization threatens sustainable development“, republished on OurWorld 2.0, was very popular on Twitter but had a higher click-through rate on the UNU Twitter account than on the OurWorld 2.0 Twitter account.

Another popular retweet was the opinion piece from UNU-MERIT Director Bart Verspagen about “The Post-2015 Development Agenda: New Goals, New Questions“. Second and third most popular for retweets were video trailers from UNU-MERIT related to World Refugee Day and the World Conference of Science Journalism in Helsinki.

Humor was a driver for the traffic on the OurWorld 2.0 Twitter account. The 24 June tweet deconstructed “The 10 Dumbest Things Ever Said About Global Warming” —  for example “Climate change is impossible because ‘God’s still up there.'” Hopefully this tweet kept the 83 clickers on the OurWorld Twitter account laughing while also  questioning the reasons why such statements occur.


The Japanese UNU Twitter hit its traffic peak on 2 July with the retweet on the Japanese version of the Our World 2.0 article “Every religion has within it the seeds for ecological concern“, an interview with Laura Hennemann on religion and environmental studies. On the Japanese Facebook page Peter Nadin’s “Peace Support: A New Concept for UN Peacekeeping?” had the widest reach while the most clicks on the the Japanese OurWorld Twitter account were for the article by Brendan Barrett entitled “To power up or power down? That is the question“.

All numbers from each network are can be found here.

And last a mention of UNU on Twitter from the user TheNewWorldBank referring to the article “Tele-center is Not a Cow” — an interesting take on ICT for Development.