First Global Communications Meeting

Digital | 17 May 2014 |

It has been a long time coming, but we held the UNU’s First Global Communications Meeting on 15-16 May 2014 at the UNU’s institute in Maastricht (UNU-MERIT), Netherlands.

The meeting was very effectively hosted by Howard Hudson (communication coordinator at UNU-MERIT) with support from Sueli Brodin. Just over 20 communications focal points participated from across the entire University.

Over the two days, the meeting was divided into four sessions dealing with global branding, online-driven outreach, media relations and, last but not least, a global stocktake. Each session began with a presentation from an external expert who outlined the current state of the various topics under discussion such as how to establish a global brand or the latest developments in relation to social media. Click here to download the programme for the meeting.

Each session also had a moderator and commentator from the UNU who would introduce the questions to be considered and then facilitate the discussions.

The interactions between the participants were very focused, with the sharing of experience and know-how on what works and how to build upon success.

It was clear that the depth of experience around the table was both impressive and an important resource for the University going forward from here. The challenge will be to build upon this meeting in order to promote more extensive collaboration in raising the profile of the UNU globally, as well as for each individual institutes’ main constituents.

Communications group photo
UNU Communications group.

Communication experts joined the meeting from across the UNU, including from Malaysia, Japan, Canada, Venezuela, Belgium, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands.