The overall direction for communications is set by the Rector (Office of the Rector). At the UNU Centre in Tokyo, the Office of Communications develops key communications assets (print, digital, web), working closely with the Office of the Rector and other UNU units/institutes.

Each institute has a communications officer (or team) reporting to the Institute Director and sharing information via the UNU Global Communications Group (enhancing coordination, internal communication and sharing of data).

All communications staff across the UNU are working hard to raise the profile of University as a world-class think tank and top quality educational institution. We constantly measure our performance against the best think thanks and universities.

The work of the UNU Office of Communications focuses on communicating the outcomes from UNU research in clear, accessible language, in ensuring these messages reach the right audience and in gradually increase the size of the audience. To achieve this, the UNU Office of Communications employs high quality design, produces engaging content and employs a wide range of communication assets.

We try to be creative and innovative in how we communicate the work of the UNU.


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